quiet entertainer aftershock mix

AfterShock Revolution Mix

New Mix is up! This is a longer version of the set I did on New Year’s Eve at the AfterShock; Revolution Party. Track listing is over at bandcamp where you can download it for no cost if you like. Additionally it’s on soundcloud. I just wanted to do kind of a vibey, chill, sexy
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How My Views On God Have Changed Over Time

I’ve learned that my spiritual life is important to a lot of people. I share more thoughts on that here.


How To Know When To Quit Your Passion

I get this question or this thought a lot from my parents.


How To Keep Hope Alive During Tough Times

Seems like there is a theme to these questions. Here’s another Ask Me Anything question from my email list.


How To Get Through Tough Times At Your Day Job

I asked my email list to ask me anything they wanted to know from me. I’ll be posting some of the results here. This is the first question I got.

Black Cat Sylvester - Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check (Music Video)

Black Cat Sylvester – Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check (Music Video)

I wanted to go ahead and post this here. Black Cat Sylvester has a new music video out. Not only is this a funny video, not only is this a really cool remix… not only was this video made by Maurice Barrett who I keep mentioning, but I also have a little cameo in this
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quiet entertainer orchestra live at foobar

New Music Video: Quiet Entertainer Orchestra – Companion (Live at FooBar)

I just had a great show at Foobar in East Nashville this past weekend with Quiet Entertainer Orchestra! I’m excited to be able to share some footage from that night! I asked Maurice Barrett to come to the show and do what he does. You might remember Maurice (aka 247) because he made this video
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quiet entertainer orchestra foobar nashville

Quiet Entertainer Orchestra at FooBAR Too w/ Undiscover, Hobbledeions, and Rain

The show is tonight! I’m very excited to finally do this show. It will be my first time doing a headlining show with the live band, Quiet Entertainer Orchestra. As you’ve seen, Q.E.O. is just a  live interpretation of my previous DJ tracks. We’re playing tonight at Foobar Too which is the venue side. Also
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Quiet Entertainer Orchestra Live East Room Bootleg

Quiet Entertainer Orchestra – Live At The East Room (Bootleg)

I just got back from playing a great show with Body of Light, Home Body, & DEDSA in East Nashville at The East Room. This show was as Quiet Entertainer Orchestra, the live band version of my music project. Here’s a bootleg recording of the night. Had a great time. Quiet Entertainer – Keys, Samples,
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Quiet Entertainer Orchestra

Quiet Entertainer Orchestra – Live From The Coup BOOTLEG

Here’s a new download from my new project: Quiet Entertainer Orchestra! Quiet Entertainer Orchestra is a live band reinterpretation of my previous DJ tracks. I wouldn’t normally release a bootleg but I wanted to give an idea of how the first shows went. I hope there will be more in the future. Meanwhile, here’s a
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quiet entertainer intelligent design album release tour set

Quiet Entertainer Drops Intelligent Design Album Release Tour Mix

Here it is. I recently did the Album Release Tour for my latest record, Intelligent Design. I wanted to put up the set I did for that tour. I focused mainly on playing my own tracks, remixes, and mashups with just a few exceptions. Also, I played keys a few times on this mix. It’s
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Quiet Entertainer Intelligent Design front cover

Quiet Entertainer Releases New Record: Intelligent Design

My new record is finally here! It’s called Intelligent Design. It’s the most rewarding collection of music I’ve done because you can start to hear a new production style and writing style that I’ve been working on. It perhaps isn’t new to some producers but it is definitely a part of my own personal growth.
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