How My Views On God Have Changed Over Time

I’ve learned that my spiritual life is important to a lot of people. I share more thoughts on that here.


How To Know When To Quit Your Passion

I get this question or this thought a lot from my parents.


How To Keep Hope Alive During Tough Times

Seems like there is a theme to these questions. Here’s another Ask Me Anything question from my email list.


How To Get Through Tough Times At Your Day Job

I asked my email list to ask me anything they wanted to know from me. I’ll be posting some of the results here. This is the first question I got.

Black Cat Sylvester - Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check (Music Video)

Black Cat Sylvester – Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check (Music Video)

I wanted to go ahead and post this here. Black Cat Sylvester has a new music video out. Not only is this a funny video, not only is this a really cool remix… not only was this video made by Maurice Barrett who I keep mentioning, but I also have a little cameo in this
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quiet entertainer orchestra live at foobar

New Music Video: Quiet Entertainer Orchestra – Companion (Live at FooBar)

I just had a great show at Foobar in East Nashville this past weekend with Quiet Entertainer Orchestra! I’m excited to be able to share some footage from that night! I asked Maurice Barrett to come to the show and do what he does. You might remember Maurice (aka 247) because he made this video
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quiet entertainer orchestra foobar nashville

Quiet Entertainer Orchestra at FooBAR Too w/ Undiscover, Hobbledeions, and Rain

The show is tonight! I’m very excited to finally do this show. It will be my first time doing a headlining show with the live band, Quiet Entertainer Orchestra. As you’ve seen, Q.E.O. is just a  live interpretation of my previous DJ tracks. We’re playing tonight at Foobar Too which is the venue side. Also
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Quiet Entertainer Orchestra Live East Room Bootleg

Quiet Entertainer Orchestra – Live At The East Room (Bootleg)

I just got back from playing a great show with Body of Light, Home Body, & DEDSA in East Nashville at The East Room. This show was as Quiet Entertainer Orchestra, the live band version of my music project. Here’s a bootleg recording of the night. Had a great time. Quiet Entertainer – Keys, Samples,
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Quiet Entertainer Orchestra

Quiet Entertainer Orchestra – Live From The Coup BOOTLEG

Here’s a new download from my new project: Quiet Entertainer Orchestra! Quiet Entertainer Orchestra is a live band reinterpretation of my previous DJ tracks. I wouldn’t normally release a bootleg but I wanted to give an idea of how the first shows went. I hope there will be more in the future. Meanwhile, here’s a
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quiet entertainer intelligent design album release tour set

Quiet Entertainer Drops Intelligent Design Album Release Tour Mix

Here it is. I recently did the Album Release Tour for my latest record, Intelligent Design. I wanted to put up the set I did for that tour. I focused mainly on playing my own tracks, remixes, and mashups with just a few exceptions. Also, I played keys a few times on this mix. It’s
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Quiet Entertainer Intelligent Design front cover

Quiet Entertainer Releases New Record: Intelligent Design

My new record is finally here! It’s called Intelligent Design. It’s the most rewarding collection of music I’ve done because you can start to hear a new production style and writing style that I’ve been working on. It perhaps isn’t new to some producers but it is definitely a part of my own personal growth.
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Rob Bragdon Breakonacloud

Bloggers are the New DJs: Interview with BreakOnACloud’s Rob Bragdon

It’s no secret. Music blogs are one of the new gatekeepers to the music industry. They’re also how both fans and DJs find new music. Remember my song “Blogworthy” ? My whole point was that we need not wait for press to find us as artists and musicians. We can simply create our own broadcast
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