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Your info will never be sold to 3rd parties / we don't send spam, ever. Available until Tuesday, June 6th, 2023. Get a free download of Quiet Entertainer's latest remix of "Incubus X Washed Out".

About the Machismo EP

Machismo EP

I’m really excited and please about the Machismo EP. It’s a collection of some tracks I’ve done with some of my friends & favorite emcees. Let me tell you a bit about it, track by track:

1. False Alarm –
One night I went to Fuel and my friend Chip Greene and I were flirting with the bartender. Anyway, he was telling her that my music was like Blue Man Group except that you should call me Black Man Group. I thought it was hilarious. I came home with thoughts of Blue Man Group in mind and made this song. It’s fitting because Blue Man was the first show I saw that ever really grabbed and inspired me.

2. I Am…(featuring James Fate)-
I knew I wanted a theme song. It might be because of my long history with watching WWE as a kid. Theme songs and entrance music are a major part of the whole thing. I spoke about James Fate in a previous post. He is one of the best emcees I’ve heard in town. I knew that Fate would do a great job with it and he did. One of my favorite tracks for obvious reasons. Also I should mention, I got the idea for the beat after watching Paper Route perform. I saw them live at The End (also previously mentioned). They were playing a song from their EP, but I swore there were all of the sounds from the stage that I didn’t hear from the EP. Lots of electronic samples and delays. I wanted to recreate that kind of feel for the track.

3. Audition (featuring WT the Musical Mastermind) –
Audition was probably the first song I actually finished on the record. I was hanging out with a local Nashville producer who was making beats with such ease in the studio. I was really inspired. A lot of what inspired me was the producer’s ability and the rest of it was that I really wasn’t doing much with my life at the time. So being in there while he was making beats was kind of a kick in the butt. Anyway, I came home and did this track. WT is probably the main guy that got me into music. We were in a group together in college. I knew I wanted him to be on a track. This track was a good fit.

4. Machismo –
I was messing around on a sampler, the Roland SP 404. I tried running different sounds through the BPM Looper. I was actually running a synth line that I had heard somewhere; tweaking different things and distorting it. Eventually, I had changed the sound so much that I heard the beginnings of bassline. That was the beginnings of this song. So, I just built around that idea.

5. Still Single remix (featuring Spoken Nerd) –
You probably haven’t heard the original Still Single track, but it was one of the few tracks inspired by specific life events of mine. Also, Spoken Nerd is one of the more prolific emcees in town; always working on his next record. Check out his latest on youtube here. I asked Spoken Nerd to write topically for this track and I changed it up to give it a hip-hop bounce. It should be noted that this song was an indicator of where I was at the time and that it in no way reflects on Spoken Nerd, himself. Although, he did write it; and I think it’s a great measure of his lyrical brilliance. I hope this song is one of your favorites.

6. Wildfire (featuring J. Prodigal)-
I told you just a little bit about J. Prodigal. He had been waiting to get on a track for a long time. He actually wrote several verses for this song; I had to whittle it down to just two verses. He can write for days and freestyle for longer. Glad to have him on the EP. Also, I really like this beat. It was one of the few times I used an outside source vinyl sample for a melody instead of playing it or arranging it midi-style. But I’m not telling from where. ๐Ÿ˜‰

7. Our Time (featuring E.T.) –
You’ll like this one. Definitely check out E.T.’s music at the link I provided but ALSO please check out his side project, a hip hop crew called The Underground Senate. Some of the best hip-hop you will ever hear. Anyway, E.T. just moved to Louisville but before that he was in Nashville. He had been saying I should come over to his studio and do things for about a year or so before I finally went over there. I did this track in the corner in my laptop while a lot of emcees were there writing rhymes for a different track. I love this song so very much and am thankful for how it came together.

8. BlogWorthy (featuring J. Prodigal, WT, E.T., Spoken Nerd, Bobby
Exodus, Iller, James Fate, & 247) –
I told you about most of the emcees on this one. I even mentioned two of them (Iller & 247 of The Billy Goats) twice in previous posts. (here and here). So let me tell you about Bobby Exodus. Bobby also wrote different versions of his verse to this song. But I love the one we have here. He has a really unique kind of flow AND it’s really good. It’s easy to be different. Not easy to be different and GOOD at what you do. So, I was especially excited to finally get Bobby on a track as I have yet to do a full length track with him. I wanted an all-star track with all these guys on it. But the hook was an idea I got from listening to some west coast hip-hop. It’s a shout-out to artists like Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Pigeon John, & Ahmad. In addition, I finally got to use the vocoder stuff (You hear it also in Wildfire). You know it’s BLOGWORTHY!

I definitely want you to have this music. Now that you know all about it, please go ahead and check it out here!,/a>

Click here to download the “Machismo EP”

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