Heath McNease Creates Under Weight Of Glory and Depth of Artistry

Heath McNease Hip Hop Remix CS Lewis

Heath McNease Hip Hop Remix CS Lewis
When I thought back to the artists that I’ve listened to the most over the past year, I was a little surprised. I thought it might be Blue Sky Black Death (my favorite producers) or DJ Shadow (my all time favorite DJ). But actually there is an artist I listen to more than anyone else right now. He’s Heath McNease. Who? Is he a producer? Rapper? Singer-Songwriter? Well, he’s doing it all. So, all weekend I’ve been listening to his latest record, The Weight of Glory: Second Edition (a Hip Hop Remix Inspired By The Works of CS Lewis). I realized then that Heath fits the criteria that I talked about in my post on How To Take Over The Internet.

When I first heard about him, he was touring his 3rd record. He actually came through Nashville. Since then he’s put out a LOT of music. For instance:

He did a Nintendo-themed hip hop mixtape.

He did a Wu-Tang Clan tribute mixtape w/ Playdough.

He did his own official hip hop / pop release

He did an indie folk album inspired by the works of CS Lewis.

An album he recorded in 15 hours

Another hip hop mixtape using popular beats

And now he’s done a hip hop remix album of his previous CS Lewis inspired album.

And he’s done all this within the past two years! Reminds me of Ducko McFli! So, I’m really impressed with all this. According to the 5 ingredients I mentioned in the other post, he already has great music. It’s easily accessible. He obviously has the prolific output. I assume he has low overhead; most of these record are free! So I just hope he has evangelist fans! Even as a fellow artist, I’m a fan. This post is me doing my part. Definitely support this dude. As I am posting this, I’ve been listening to the new hip hop remix album. Really good.

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By Quiet Entertainer

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