Living Room Tour with Details Details

Hello Everyone! My new friend Details Details and I are getting ready and doing all the prep work for an upcoming Living Room tour!

This will be my first tour of its kind!

Basically, Myself and Details Details will pull up to your house or venue and set up our PA and play a 45 min set each… so roughly around an 1 1/2 hour show will go down and give or take a few minutes of fun Q&A! This kind of thing usually starts around 7 or 8pm and then ends at no later than around 10pm (unless you prefer we start later). We just want to avoid the police being called so no one has to deal with sound pollution or disturbing the peace. YOUR only job in this set up is to invite you friends.


  • 30 guests minimum and a suggested donation of at least $10. The more guests, the merrier please. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Enough space for your guests with comfortable seating (although we hope you’ll dance).
  • A space for the band with easily accessible electricity and adequate light. An area of 10โ€ฒ x 10โ€ฒ will provide plenty of space.
  • Food & Drink โ€“ Not required, but encourage your guests to bring snacks to share!
  • For shows more than two hours away from Nashville, we may need a place to stay for the night.

For booking:

SO! With that said! Please contact me if you would like to host one of these insanely fun nights! ๐Ÿ˜€

The initial dates we had selected are subject to change! Pick a time when you want us to come through!

Thanks again everyone and Message me if you need more info and have questions! Thanks again!

-Greg /QE

P.S. – check us out!

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