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It’s not uncommon for me to do a gig and see lots of photographers roaming around and taking pictures. They’re always in the zone; snapping shots of anything and everything while trying to capture that unforgettable moment. I’m grateful to a lot of photographers for immortalizing Quiet Entertainer shows. Here are a few of them.

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Brandon Oursler Photography

One of my most asked questions: Who took that library shot? The answer: Brandon Oursler. I was fortunate enough to get to know Brandon in his brief Nashville stint. He took the now infamous library shot which is main photo. He takes a variety of photos but he specializes in live concert photography and glamour photography. Here’s a video of Brandon doing his thing!

"ramiah branch photography" "quiet entertainer"
Ramiah Branch Photography

Ramiah is great. He specializes in taking hip hop photography. However, I also see him capturing sunsets and models and anything he likes. At the time of this post, I think he’s the official photog of the hip hop group Sam and Tre & the blog . You can check out his page which is a collection of his pictures, plus links to music, and shoes; his 3 passions.

"audible imagery" "quiet entertainer"
Audible Imagery

Audible Imagery is the project of Emily Brie. She took some of my favorite QE photos ever when I went up to perform at Midnight Voyage in Knoxville. She has branded herself as an Electronic & Dance Music photographer. Now, she travels all over the country taking pictures of DJs and producers performing live. And a bonus, she used one of the pics of QE as her business card! Extra points for her!

"robert livingston photography" "quiet entertainer"
Robert Livingston Photography

Robert used to be the official photographer for MASHVILLE, the monthly DJ showcase. I think now he takes pictures of models of all ages. He has a signature style that is easy to recognize and appreciate. Check his portfolio at

"ray & wendy" "quiet entertainer"
Ray & Wendy

The vast majority of my pics come from Ray & Wendy. They’ve always asked that they just remain anonymous and they never ask for credit. But I have to tell you. They’ve taken more pictures of QE than anyone else. I owe a lot of my visual presence to them. They specialize and have branded themnselves in the more goth scene here in Nashville. So, I imagine it’s always a departure when they come out to QE shows. I’m thankful to have received so much from them. Check them out at

Some other Photographers worth mentioning.

Kelly Hite
Erika Chambers
Michael Deppisch
Jules Holliday
Jeremy Cowart
Amanda Rene

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