Quiet Entertainer on tour with Mutemath? Fall 2012?

The unthinkable has happened.

Let me break it down for you.


They’ve been my favorite band for years. For almost a decade. I’ve been a superfan since their very first show. I was a superfan of the band members’ previous bands. Let’s just say I’ve been on board the band wagon for a long time. In fact, I did a remix of on their most recent songs. (If you haven’t heard that, here it is!)

MUTEMATH – Odd Soul (Quiet Entertainer Remix) by Quiet Entertainer

Ok so a few years ago, because of my unique relationship with them, they allowed me to open for them in the city I grew up. Memphis. That was very cool and the experience really changed me as an artist. Fast forward to today, with all the recent things and momentum I’d been having lately, I reached out to them to see about opening for them again in either Memphis or Knoxville for their upcoming tour. I heard no response, so I went ahead and have been doing my thing. Well, their management reached out to me just recently and offered me a conditional spot to open for them on their entire fall headlining tour! WHAT?! What’s the condition? I won’t get paid. I’d just be straight up doing it for the love of what I do and for the experience of doing it.

Well, I have had a few days to think about it and pray about it. I’ve asked people to pray for me. It’s become increasingly clear, that I HAVE to do this. I absolutely have to do this, and if I don’t do this, not only might I regret it for the rest of my life, but I might as well quit the entire Quiet Entertainer thing and hang it up to pursue some job in corporate America. (I am typing this to you on my lunch break at my day job).


Well, so if I do this my job here isn’t guaranteed to be here when I get back. So while, I’m VERY excited about this opportunity; I’m very scared. Those of you who’ve been with me a while know that I’ve left a job once before to pursue QE goals (that story) but that didn’t work out so well. This opportunity is unlike any other that I’ve been presented. So I’m gonna give one more shot.



I can’t say that more emphatically. I have longed to stand with this band of artists and musicians and be considered a peer. It seems so weird to be typing and telling you all this. But I suppose I’m putting all this out there because I truly need your help to pull this off.

I don’t have a huge fanbase; I have YOU.

Thank you for sticking with me all this time. Your support and encouragement has literally been what I believe God has used as the true catalyst for keeping me going through tough times. In addition to that I want to give you a chance to support me financially to make this happen.


I don’t have time to set up a kickstarter or even an indiegogo account to make this happen. But I am trying to raise $3,500 in two weeks I will use this money to:

  • pay rent & utilities at my apartment while I’m gone and while I’m job hunting for when I return
  • print up a bulk amount of all my CDs & some QE t-shirts at a discounted rate for when I head on tour. (Merch will be my only money-maker on the tour).

I wanted to give you a chance to do this. Here’s a paypal link.

Normally with something like this, there are different tiers with if you donate so much, I will give you this and that.


Donate Anything

Be added to a special list where I will send special updates from the tour. They’d be more in-depth than what I’d put on twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.

Donates $50+

Receive a physical copy of all my CDs (I have 3 regular ones, plus an old demo and 2 live ones.) Plus a t-shirt.

Donate $100+

Receive a physical copy of all my CDs & a choice of t-shirt or hoodie, plus I’ll give you access to The Definitive DJ Mindset course.

Donate $200+

Everything in the $100+ level and I will write a personalized beat / song for you.

Depending on how many I get, I will do a special supporters CD with all your songs on it.


Please write me back and let me know what you think of all this. And also, please support how you can!

Much love,

Greg / QE

P.S. I’m going on tour with Mutemath! Here are the tour dates!

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