Bed Intruder Song Wick-It dubstep remix

Around Nashville if you’re a DJ playing electronic music and you’re NOT playing dubstep, you almost don’t matter. I say almost; there are exceptions. I admit that I’ve been fighting the trend within my own music. However when you’re on the floor and someone plays a dubstep track, you can’t deny the feeling in your… Continue reading Bed Intruder Song Wick-It dubstep remix

Weekend Update with QE 04/22/10

I enjoy weekends when I have shows on both Friday and Saturday. It doesn’t happen often enough but lately it has been more frequent. Tomorrow (Friday) I’ll be performing again in Murfreesboro, TN; this time at YEAH! (Youth Empowerment through Arts and Humanities). It seems like a cool spot. I’ve never been, but it appears… Continue reading Weekend Update with QE 04/22/10

thinking about KNAPSACKHEROES!

I’m in a strange, never-experienced-before predicament. I’ve spent some time promoting an upcoming show with some friends here in town, KNAPSACKHEROES! (Yeah, you’re supposed to type it with all Caps and an exclamation point at the end, but I’ll refrain from here on out.) They are a mix of new wave pop with rock and… Continue reading thinking about KNAPSACKHEROES!