The Billy Goats – Hey Girl (Quiet Entertainer Remix)

Billy Goats Quiet Entertainer Remix

Here’s my remix of The Billy Goats track “Hey Girl.” Basically, it’s kind of a mashup with that track and “Khanada” by Reporter. I like the Reporter track but I wanted it to be beefier for the live show. I liked the Billy Goats track but I wanted fewer lyrics. So this was the best way for me to get the feel I wanted in both areas! Started playing it live in the Spring. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Clams Casino X Gold Panda & Starslinger ft. Yelawolf (Quiet Entertainer mix)

photo credit: adam elmakias

This is an excerpt from the set I just did opening for Orchard Lounge. I came out of my Blue Sky Black Death remix into this Gold Panda – StarSlinger remix. I got the idea from hearing DJ Shadow’s All Basses Covered when he had Bun B. I figured it’d work with Yelawolf. Also went into it with Clams Casino for good measure. Mixed out of it with Minnesota. A highlight from an entire set.

Sam & Tre x Nacho Picasso w/ Blue Sky Black Death – I’m a Stoner

Alright! Here’s a new track. It’s part remix, part mashup, part blend. I took my favorite track from Sam and Tre, “I’m a Stoner,” and put the vocals over with a piece of the original Sam and Tre beat plus a track “Numbnuts” from Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death. This is the result!

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Mashup Remix with Emancipator, Move Merchants, and James Fate

I just put up a new mashup remix on my Soundcloud page. It’s a mashup of my track “I Am….(featuring James Fate)” along with Emancipator’s “Lionheart” & Move Merchants’ “As Live As It Gets (featuring Theory Hazit) and Playdough.” Unfortunately, I did end up cutting Playdough’s awesome verse. The track was starting to get long. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I call it “I Am As Live As It Gets.”

I Am As Live As It Gets – Emancipator x James Fate x Move Merchants by Quiet Entertainer

You can get the Emancipator track from his Bandcamp.

Get the Move Merchant’s record here.

And of course, you can download the Machismo EP for free.

How To Take Over The Internet And Make It Look Easy

I definitely didn’t want to be the only one who hadn’t blogged about this. Last week, Wick-It the Instigator dropped his new mixtape: The Brothers of Chico Dusty, a mashup record of The Black Keys & Big Boi. I hope you’ve heard it by now. If not, listen below.

It’s been only a week since it was released, but now it’s everywhere. I’ve seen it on just about every music blog that I’ve ever heard of plus a few more. Long time readers know that I have mentioned Wick-It on this blog before. But I have to mention him again. This new record is a case study for how to get attention to yourself and your music. Once again, I want to quote Justin Boland over at Audible Hype. He poses the question “Is Touring Really Necessary…?” then he lists the 5 Core Ingredients for Success Without Touring. Please go read the entire blog entry I just linked. Now, you can’t neglect your live show either, but Justin’s ingredient list is below.

1. Great Music
2. Easily Accessable
3. Prolific Output
4. Evangelist Fans
5. Low Overhead

What Wick-It has done with his career aligns with this perfectly. He had a great mixtape for free download. If you went to his soundcloud or the mashville bandcamp page, you could easily get even more music. His fans have been the ones pushing it to different blogs beyond regular word of mouth. He spent nothing on marketing, and did it in a home studio (which you kind of have to have anyway if you’re a DJ/producer).

It’s been surreal to sit back and see all of the attention that the mixtape has gotten for Wick-It. I’m proud though. And it’s a teachable moment to all musicians, artists, bands, & DJs…even bloggers, actually. Including myself, I think all of us can learn from Wick-It’s example (& Justin’s blueprint) if we want to take over the internet with our music. Wick-It made it look so easy, but it took a lot of hard work to build the overnight splash.

What can we do in the new year to follow this example?