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Celebrating The Success Of Others

Photo Credit: Shaun Hollingsworth   It’s hard to celebrate the successes of others when you have come up short on your own. The most viewed post at this site is “How I Got My Music On

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Why I Use Reverb Store For Selling Merch

I was talking to Ugly Lovely the other day. He has some new hoodies and t-shirts printed up. He was asking me what I was using to sell my own merch. So I wanted to put this out there. I am currently using

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Interview with Sophie Reeves: From Fan to Frontlines with Pretty Lights

What is it that you do? What is your job title? I am Pretty Lights Assistant Tour Manger / Production Assistant and also cant forget that I’m on Vibe Control! Vibe control is me keeping the peace

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How To Get Your Music on Pandora and What To Do Next

One of the questions I’ve been asked the most is: How did I get my music on Well, this is an easy question. Pandora has a wonderful FAQ section and the step-by-step process is spelled

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