AfterShock Revolution Mix

quiet entertainer aftershock mix

New Mix is up! This is a longer version of the set I did on New Year’s Eve at the AfterShock; Revolution Party. Track listing is over at bandcamp where you can download it for no cost if you like. Additionally it’s on soundcloud.

I just wanted to do kind of a vibey, chill, sexy mix which would contrast to a lot of the bass heavy, turnt up music that everyone was going to hear the rest of the night on New Year’s Eve. Plus, that works well with some of my original music anyway. A mixture of some originals, remixes that I’d already done plus some new blends and reworks. Hope you like it, and thanks for listening.
Here’s the track listing:
Track Listing:
Boards of Canada & Skrillex – Olson (Wrm & Quiet Entertainer Blend)
Quiet Entertainer – Earn It, Keep It, Save it (Instrumental)
Lockah – Now You Want
Dreams – Lost Kingdom
Sam & Tre x Blue Sky Black Death – I’m a Stoner (Quiet Entertainer Remix)
Pretty Lights – Can’t Contain It (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)
Shotgun Radio feat. Mimi Page – A Bad Place (Minnesota Remix)
Clams Casino – I’m God
Gold Panda & Star Slinger ft. Yelawolf & Li’l Jon – Marriage / Let’s Go (Quiet Entertainer Blend)
Quiet Entertainer – Insomniac (Remix)
MartyParty – Cocaine
??? – Rain
Kaaris – Charge (Mr.Carmack remix)
Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (ZAGOR REMIX)
Iron Lyon – Time Capsule
Nacho Picasso – Benjamin Segal (Instrumental)
Quiet Entertainer – Self Esteem (No Diggity Mix)
araabMUZIK – Let it Go
Com Truise – Brokendate
Quiet Entertainer – Wishful Thinking (No Rain Mix)
Quiet Entertainer – Companion (Give Up The Goods Mix)
Quiet Entertainer – Answer (JayZ DOA Mix)
Trey Songz – Nana (araabMUZIK Remix)
2Pac – I Get Around (Mick’s String Edit)
Diplo & Lazerdisk Party Sex – Set It Off (TWRK Remix)
XXYYXX & Busta Rhymes – About You (Quiet Entertainer Blend)
Michael Jackson – Rock With You (SteLouse Flip)

New Music Video: Quiet Entertainer Orchestra – Companion (Live at FooBar)

quiet entertainer orchestra live at foobar

I just had a great show at Foobar in East Nashville this past weekend with Quiet Entertainer Orchestra! I’m excited to be able to share some footage from that night! I asked Maurice Barrett to come to the show and do what he does. You might remember Maurice (aka 247) because he made this video for me. And he made this one. So you already know the results are going to be great. Anyway, here is the video. Special thanks to Bruce, Philip, & Jed who were part of the band that night. And extra EXTRA special thanks to Devin who added the live visuals.

click to play

click to play

Contact Maurice for all your video needs.

Download Companion here

Bonus: I took a little video myself. Here’s a live version of Wishful Thinking.

Download Wishful Thinking

Quiet Entertainer Orchestra at FooBAR Too w/ Undiscover, Hobbledeions, and Rain

quiet entertainer orchestra  foobar nashville

The show is tonight! I’m very excited to finally do this show. It will be my first time doing a headlining show with the live band, Quiet Entertainer Orchestra. As you’ve seen, Q.E.O. is just a  live interpretation of my previous DJ tracks. We’re playing tonight at Foobar Too which is the venue side.

Also performing are Undiscover. Kind of a party-core, rave hip hop group. Similar to Die Antwoord.

Hobbledeions is hard to explain. He’s kind of a noise rock drummer playing hip hop beats both on a sampler and a drum kit. I’m excited to see him.

Rain is an MC in town. He kind of sounds like Tyler the Creator to me but he does a lot of cool things with his voice too. On the low, he makes killer beats too! Better than mine. 😛 I wish I were kidding.

This show will be great! Come on out to FooBAR too.

Quiet Entertainer Orchestra – Live At The East Room (Bootleg)

Quiet Entertainer Orchestra Live East Room Bootleg
I just got back from playing a great show with Body of Light, Home Body, & DEDSA in East Nashville at The East Room. This show was as Quiet Entertainer Orchestra, the live band version of my music project. Here’s a bootleg recording of the night. Had a great time.

Quiet Entertainer – Keys, Samples, Turntables
Bruce Ervin – Guitar
Philip Millet – Bass
Zach Matthews – Drums

Track listing:
Better Days
Insomniac (remix) / Kraftwerk – Man Machine Remix
Wishful Thinking

Quiet Entertainer Releases New Record: Intelligent Design

Quiet Entertainer Intelligent Design front cover

My new record is finally here! It’s called Intelligent Design. It’s the most rewarding collection of music I’ve done because you can start to hear a new production style and writing style that I’ve been working on. It perhaps isn’t new to some producers but it is definitely a part of my own personal growth. So I feel great about it! You can download Intelligent Design for free here!

Quiet Entertainer Intelligent Design Back Cover

If you can’t see that image, here’s the track listing.

Now I Know (Hunz cover)
Better Days
The Billy Goats – Hey Girl (Quiet Entertainer Remix)
Sam & Tre x Blue Sky Black Death – I’m A Stoner (Quiet Entertainer Remix)
Clams Casino x Gold Panda & Star Slinger w/ Yelawolf (Quiet Entertainer Mix)
Set from the MUTEMATH Tour

I’ve released some of the tracks before as one-offs on soundcloud but I’m glad to finally put it all together on an official release here along with my brand new original material.

Don’t forget that you can download the entire album for free here.

Additionally, I’m having an album release mini-tour starting today! I’ll be in Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Clarksville this weekend promoting the Intelligent Design release!
quiet entertainer album release mini tour intelligent design

Thursday will be in Murfreesboro, TN at The Social with Dotcom, Body of Light, Crayons & Antidotes, and Boyfriend.

Friday will be in Nashville, TN at Cafe Coco with Last of the Horsemen, Spoken Nerd, Rally & Don Cruso.

Saturday will be in Clarksville, TN at The Coup with Blak Tha Map, My Day At The Races, Spoken Nerd, Smokee B, & Kid Dead.