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Interview with Sophie Reeves: From Fan to Frontlines with Pretty Lights

What is it that you do? What is your job title? I am Pretty Lights Assistant Tour Manger / Production Assistant and also cant forget that I’m on Vibe Control! Vibe control is me keeping the peace

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How 24 and LOST Almost Killed my Music Career

We are in the 6th month of a 12 month year and I wonder what I have to show for it. My dreams of doing music full time have been hanging on for dear life. Why? I could blame poor time management, insufficient

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QE and the Flood Weekend

That’s a video taken about 2 miles up the road from where I live. The large store there is Kroger where I actually used to work. The flood seemingly hit our area of Nashville (Belle Meade / Bellevue)

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Last 5 Bands I’m Really Into

Usually, I go through these spurts where I get really into an artist. Then I go and try to find everything I can of theirs and listen to it. I thought I’d let you know about my most recent 5 artists

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