Quiet Entertainer Releases New Record: Intelligent Design

Quiet Entertainer Intelligent Design front cover

My new record is finally here! It’s called Intelligent Design. It’s the most rewarding collection of music I’ve done because you can start to hear a new production style and writing style that I’ve been working on. It perhaps isn’t new to some producers but it is definitely a part of my own personal growth. So I feel great about it! You can download Intelligent Design for free here!

Quiet Entertainer Intelligent Design Back Cover

If you can’t see that image, here’s the track listing.

Now I Know (Hunz cover)
Better Days
The Billy Goats – Hey Girl (Quiet Entertainer Remix)
Sam & Tre x Blue Sky Black Death – I’m A Stoner (Quiet Entertainer Remix)
Clams Casino x Gold Panda & Star Slinger w/ Yelawolf (Quiet Entertainer Mix)
Set from the MUTEMATH Tour

I’ve released some of the tracks before as one-offs on soundcloud but I’m glad to finally put it all together on an official release here along with my brand new original material.

Don’t forget that you can download the entire album for free here.

Additionally, I’m having an album release mini-tour starting today! I’ll be in Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Clarksville this weekend promoting the Intelligent Design release!
quiet entertainer album release mini tour intelligent design

Thursday will be in Murfreesboro, TN at The Social with Dotcom, Body of Light, Crayons & Antidotes, and Boyfriend.

Friday will be in Nashville, TN at Cafe Coco with Last of the Horsemen, Spoken Nerd, Rally & Don Cruso.

Saturday will be in Clarksville, TN at The Coup with Blak Tha Map, My Day At The Races, Spoken Nerd, Smokee B, & Kid Dead.

9 Favorite Shows From 2011

The year is almost over! New Year’s Eve is a busy time of year for DJs. I’ve got two big shows coming
up this weekend. I’m grateful for every opportunity to do what I enjoy. Meanwhile, I want to look
back at some of my favorite shows of the year. Here they are in no particular order (maybe
chronological though).

1. Me with This is ART in Knoxville.
We did this show way back in January. It might be my favorite. It was the show that I unofficially
anointed myself as This is ART‘s understudy. This was the first of a bunch of shows we did
together this year. For this one, he gave me a great opportunity to go out there to Knoxville and
showcase my unique live PA set. They have a great music scene in Knoxville. We were part of
Midnight Voyage, which is a great weekly party based around their UTK radio show. Also with FTW (Meatball Madness & J-Mo).

2. Me with Spoken Nerd, Manchild, The Billy Goats, & Get Got
This was my Almost Too Good To Be True show at The 5 Spot. The 5 spot is one of my favorite places
to play in Nashville
. Great vibes. It was also the show that I was kind of in charge of. Good
weekend for all of us. Great to do a show with friends. I got a lot of great video; including a
special moment with the MCs getting on stage with me and Jed Smith while freestyling.

3. Me with Evolution Control Committee, stAllio!, DJ Empirical and Pimpdaddysupreme at The End.
I felt like such a rock star that weekend. Great to mix it up with some pioneering electronic artists. I was inspired all weekend by watching ECC do their thing. Also the night before, I saw Hobbledeions. That was awesome.

4. me with Get Got, Sharone Digitale, & Orig the DJ
This was our I Love Trip-Hop show. It was a concept show from Orig (You know Orig the DJ). So we both like vibed out hip hop and trip hop. And he had a connection with Exit/In. This was a great show because it exposed a lot of people to Sharone Digitale. Also, this was a great show with Jed Smith. Jed has been drumming with me for a little while now. This was my favorite time to play with him. It sounded good and it felt good. I remember that most everyone was there to see Get Got and then a few people stuck around for Sharone Digitale. By the time I went on, there were just a couple of people left plus all the artists and bands. But that last group of people were going nuts for our set and dancing it up. It was one of the most fun shows I’ve done in a while. And my first time at Exit/In since Valentine’s Day in 2007 (my 2nd worst show ever). This was a great redemption show.

5. me with The Billy Goats, Smokee B, Bobby Exodus, Ugly Lovely, Darian D & Jermy J, Ol Man
& Blak Tha Map at The Coup
This was fun. We made it kind of a hip hop festival in Clarksville. Up to that point mostly
everyone had been doing only dubstep and bass shows. So it was very cool to get a group out to see
some good hip hop. We didn’t pack the place but we had a good sized crowd of people who were
really into each and every artist. I was glad to have put that show together. Also, it was good to
get some shows for guys like Darian D & Jermy J. I don’t book for other people really anymore. But
when I do, I’d rather it went down like this.

6. me with This is Art & Satoru at 12th and Porter
This was a Name Your Own Price show! I was scared of how that would go. We packed the place out. I had a good crowd for my set. I got to collab with Art on stage the way we did in Knoxville. I met Satoru. Met the sound people and light people at 12th. Also important, it was the first show I had done after releasing Q-Gaze. So it was the only time I had ever done the Q-Gaze mix live from start to finish. I got a great response. This was my favorite show I’ve done in Nashville.

7. Silent Disco with This is Art, Dope Dialect, & Beat Repeat.
This was very cool. Only because of the uniqueness of the Silent Disco. My set went surprisingly well. If you’ve never been to a Silent Disco; you have to try it. It’s very different. But I like it. I want to do more of these. The headphones made my computer voice trick more effective!

8. Sayonara at 12th and Porter.
My favorite show is always my next show. And this one is Tonight! It’s free. I’m opening. It’s Arkiteqt‘s debut performance I believe. Glad to be a part of that. Also with Ziggurat, Beat Repeat, Blaque Masque Bellydance and Umbra Fusion Bellydance in the main room. Squake, Saejma, Suga-Free, & Chris Rodriguez in the lounge room.

9. UNIFY on New Year’s Eve
This party is too massive to sum up in a small blurb. Yet I try. 3 rooms. 40+ DJs. Mostly dubstep with some drum and bass and house. Then there’s me. haha. Click the flyer!

Live Concert Pics by Raywen.org, Audible Imagery, & Ramiah Branch Photography

Interview with Orig the DJ Part Three: Big Smo, Spoken Nerd, & Teaching DJs

"orig the dj" "big smo"

Orig with Big Smo & Kinfoke

This is part three of my interview with Orig the DJ. If you missed part one or part two, you can click the links to read it. In this section, he discusses Big Smo, Spoken Nerd, and his philosophy as a DJ teacher.

QE: How did you end up working with Big Smo?

Orig: Well, Smo is a good friend of mine. John Smith. We’ve known each other a long time. I think I was still in high school. We met in 96. I was already a DJ in my bedroom. I knew how to make beats and sample just a little bit. I was real amateur at it. So, Smo wrote poetry on a personal level. He wanted to take that and do something with it. He figured rapping would be the route to go. We already knew each other at the time. He started to introduce to me his ideas. I told him “Come over. I’ll make some beats for you or whatever and we can figure something out.” Several years later, we’re continuing to do it. We created our own studio. We kind of went half and half on studio equipment. We got other people involved just so we could practice recording. It was really for me. I was the engineer, producer, and beatmaker involved with it. We made an album. His brother helped make it a reality. We took a bunch of our recordings. I did the best I could to make it sound the best I could. He helped us get it put on an actual CD. Shrink-wrapped with a barcode and everything. He helped us create a website for it back in 2002. It was called the Country Kitchen. It was cool. It showcased a lot of talent in our area. In Shelbyville of all places. You probably don’t even know about Shelbyville unless they’re into walking horses. Walking Horse Capital of the world.

"big smo"

Orig: At the Time, Smo and I were just doing hip hop. Straight rapping about what everybody else was rapping about. He eventually hired Haystak to be featured on a song. Haystak was really impressed with him. Kind of took him under his wing. Smo not only was a rapper at the time. He could make beats, but that wasn’t his forte. That wasn’t his thing. He could also record. He did a lot of recording for local artists. I went to school at SAE. Every day I’d get out of school I’d come home and show Smo what I learned. So, that’s kind of how he developed his professional recording abilities and skills. We were also doing music videos. I was helping him back in 2003 doing our own home music videos and trying to figure stuff out. Trying to sync the music with the video. Anyway back to Haystak. Haystak started to hire Smo to do his music videos for him. And then he got Smo to be his backup. His right hand man on the stage when he did shows. Smo got to learn a lot about the business on an independent level through Haystak. Got to travel around the country on a tour that Haystak was on with the Dark Lotus tour with ICP. Smo was promoting his album. I made a mixtape for him. We had already done an album together called The True South. So there was Country Kitchen. There was True South. So that was what Smo was promoting out there. Selling whatever he could. He got to meet a lot of people along the way. that’s where he started to develop the idea of the hick-hop sound.

"Big Smo"

Big Smo

He didn’t pioneer it. But he realized that the urban hip hop was not his true passion. It was too much of trying to do that. Like the hood, hip hop dirty south type deal. So he actually did his third album, American Made. I wasn’t around at that time. He hired a guy, Charlie Bonnett, who was a guitar player. kind of a heavy metal rock singer, country singer to work with him on certain song ideas. He had other beatmakers working with him and I made a few beats for him to help him out. American Made was really the beginning of that sound that was Smo was able to pinpoint. The Hick Hop sound. Basically, hip hop beats with southern rock guitars. And southern rock type of hooks but with rap verses. Instead of rapping about the hood, he raps about back roads, cornfields, John Deere tractors, moonshine, home grown pot, all that good stuff. (laughs)

QE: yeah man.

Orig: So that’s what he’s been doing since last year. He called me and asked me to get involved in a new project called KinFoke. It was Smo, Charlie Bonnett, Brahma Bull, Mr. Sneed who really helped Smo develop his sound also. He needed me to come in and help him finalize the album. He had a lot of tracks on his album that he needed to finalize. He asked me to come in and finalize it. Make it sound like a mixtape. Master it. I was responsible for turning all these song ideas. I was more or less just the DJ portion of it. The songs were already done and recorded. I had some beats on it but I was mixing it together. Last fall was when I went abroad to do a show for the first time. It was the first time I went away from Tennessee to DJ. It was an awesome experience. Unfortunately, Kinfoke’s not really around anymore. couple of guys went different ways. Kind of left us in the air. But we’re back at it. Smo and I have been together for a long time. I’m still his DJ but Smo is the main focus. We’re working on a new album called Grassroots. Smo’s been able to land a legitimate management deal with a guy out of LA, Dan Nelson. His father is Jay Nelson who managed Queen. Hopefully I’ll be able to land a management deal sometime soon. Everyone needs a manager man.

QE: This is great stuff. Who else have you been making beats for? You did an album for Spoken Nerd as well, right?

Orig: Yeah. Spoken Nerd came to me. He was digging me as a DJ. When he found out I made beats, he approached me with an idea for an album. He wanted me to help produce it. So I said “OK cool.” So he came over. It started out with him. He brought his acoustic bass guitar. He had a melody and played it for me and I recorded it. I took that recording and chopped it up and edited it in Ableton. Made a loop out of it; and started making beats to complement and support that and then make a bass line. And whatever else. We’d make a basic beat. Then we recorded vocals. After the vocals were on, I started to tailor the beat to go along with the vocals. Maybe a drop here, add something there. A Scratch there. For the most part that’s how that went.

Orig: I also made some beats on the side that I’d let him go through. A list of beats that I’d made. He would pick some stuff that he liked. So it was a combination of him on guitar and then also me with beats from years ago that he picked through. But it wasn’t that simple. About halfway through the album production, I lost everything from my computer. It was my fault. It was a stupid dumb mistake. I hope nobody has to go through this. I was doing what I thought was the right thing. I was cleaning my computer, I was backing stuff up. So I go through my music folder and I dragged all my important stuff to my external hard drive. I was mainly focusing on music that I use to DJ with because that took up a lot of space. And all the music I used for producing, that wasn’t backed up. I was going to leave on my computer because I was working on it. So what I accidentally did in the middle of all this dragging and dropping, I drug the entire music folder to my trash. I didn’t even realize it; I didn’t notice I had done that. And when I clicked empty trash it was taking SO LONG. I was wondering why. After it was done, I noticed my music folder wasn’t there anymore. I lost so many beats…

"orig the dj" "spoken nerd"

Orig with Spoken Nerd

Orig: Man, I had to break the news to Nathan. He’s such a good guy. He just said “Oh well; let’s re-do it. Are you up for re-doing it?” And I was like “Of course, it’s the least I could do.” So, I had to remake a bunch of the beats. It was hard to recapture some of that feeling and emotion of the originals. Even when you’re chopping and editing, programming drum machines and stuff; there’s still an emotion there. It’s very similar to capturing sound from a microphone. There’s littlie mistakes you make in the editing. Very subtle things that aren’t otherwise reproduced. But anyway, we got back on there and started the album in 08. It took a long time because of that and all the other stuff I was doing. All the beats for Smo… Get Got…. my own thing…. Really my own thing, which usually ends up being things for other people. I’ll do little beat sketches in my program. Then, I’ll come back at it with another artist or rapper; or turn it into a Get Got song. Well, we had the album near completion. Nathan had a guitar player, 2Shon. He’s a very interesting guy; I got along with him really well. He laid down guitar. The funny thing about it; we had no guitar parts for him. We had no melodies for him, no sheet music. We just said, “play along and do whatever the heck you want.’ All I did was hit record and just let him play from the beginning to the end. I captured whatever ideas that he put on the recording. I’d take those and slice, chop them, and piece them until I came up with something that I liked. Even the guitar solos on some of the tracks are just pieced together parts from somewhere in the song. You can’t really tell because I’d splice them together where a snare hits. You can use a snare to cover up an edit.

QE: How about that, learning all the tricks! So you were saying about you never get to work on your own stuff… Why are you always helping people?

Orig: Yeah that’s become my style, man. It’s fortunate, but unfortunately I don’t focus on myself. I’m always helping people out. Everything I’ve been doing as a DJ, producer, an engineer; it’s been for other people. I DJ for a crowd. I DJ for a wedding. I DJ for a birthday. I DJ for a rapper. I DJ for a band. I DJ… You name it: I DJ. That’s what usually DJs do; they take care of the crowd anyway, right? Then as an engineer, I’m recording other people. Recording rappers, singers, guitarists… whatever. Capturing sounds. Capturing videos. Live sound; I’m making sure that whoever’s on stage sounds great. Even when I make beats, I think I started out making stuff for myself. But as soon as I started getting involved with other people, I was more selfless. Everything was for my friend. I make a beat for my friend. I’d do whatever I can for whoever whether it’s Smo, or my band Get Got, or MASHVILLE. Even going to school for engineering; the best thing that’s come out of that has been the ability to teach other friends. How to work software, engineering, acoustics, tips and tricks, techniques, philosophy. I learned a lot from school. And mostly from magazines and a lot of trial and error. I wish I could say that I learned a lot from others that are above me in the industry, but I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to be around mentors. I’ve always played the role of mentor for my fellow DJs. Whether it’s scratching, or letting people borrow equipment, you name it. If there’s help to be done, I’m there to help.

"orig the dj"

QE: Is that part of your personality? or are you doing it on purpose?

Orig: I think it’s part of my personality. I do get frustrated sometimes where I help and help and help and when I need help I don’t get it. So I do get frustrated. But I think it’s just that I come across as such a nice guy and really I’m willing to help. I always ask if I can help. I am always making myself available for stuff like that. When I probably should be in the studio working on my own stuff or practicing my own set, I’m at a friend’s house with my hard drive letting them have my music. When I should be making my own beats, I’m at another friend’s house helping them learn how to make beats. So actually, I think it’s a combination of doing it on purpose and also accidentally being someone that someone else can call. I’m not gonna stop.
"orig the dj"

Orig: As a matter a fact, I’m taking this helping curse…but really it’s a blessing to be the unofficial teacher to my fellow DJs and producers. I can’t tell you how many times I’m navigating through a program over the program saying “Go to Options, and go down to Preferences, and go to Audio, and blah blah blah.” I can troubleshoot any program over the phone. Anyway, I’m going to take that skill and I have the opportunity now to be a teacher. Thanks to a guy I met: Victor Chatman. At the last MASHVILLE, I was trying to kill some time before we set up. So I went to Guitar Center. That’s my Toys R Us. They have the DJ room, so I went over there and I was messing with the Numark NS7 with the Serato Itch. This older guy came up to me and said “Hey, that’s pretty good! Where else do you DJ?” and I was saying ” I don’t really have a club or anything; I do this thing called MAASHVILLE.” We were just chatting. Anyway, he had this idea to teach children how to set up sound systems and how to DJ. and I was like “Yes! That’s my vision too! That’s my dream and I’m teaching a lot of my friends how to do stuff anyway!” So we exchanged numbers, and even as busy as I am; I just called him on a weekly basis. We never were able to get together. “I’d just say “Hey this is Ray. Just wanted to call in. I wish I could come out to your spot sometime but I’m really swamped right now.” And he’d say “Oh, I appreciate you calling man. That’s cool.” When we finally got a chance to sit down to talk about it; he said his idea launched and it blew up more than he expected. He’s got a bunch of kids and they’re really eager to learn. He’s already got the ball rolling. Probably within a month; I’ll be teaching my first class. it’s at the Hickory Hollow Mall next to Macy’s is Victor Chatman Studios. So I’ll be able to take that dilemma I had of helping all these people and getting frustrated. Now I’m getting the help I wanted to get. That just goes to show: Don’t expect anything. Just do it. Unconditionally. Just like you love your family. Love your art. Love our THING. You know? don’t expect money back. Until you get a manager. Then your manager will be the one that will fight and get that money for you. Be smart in choosing your manager! Yeah so that’s what happens when you’re selfless. You always get rewarded.

"victor chatman" "mc lyte"

Victor Chatman with MC Lyte

QE: Man, this was awesome. Anything else you want to say to people who might be reading this? DJs? Musicians?

Orig: I’m not going to say what most people say in their closing and just say “Love the art and keep practicing.” That’s known. That’s a given. It should be a default. I think that you should take care of yourself first and foremost. If you want to pursue a career, no matter what it is, make sure you’re prepared. There’s really no guideline because everyone has a unique list of things to do. So make sure you know that list. An make sure you ACT on that list. Whether it’s financially, relationship-wise, emotionally. Take care of that list. Clean your room.

QE: Wow.

Orig: (laughs) As silly as it sounds, it’s true. You got to organize yourself before you can organize stuff around you. It’s all about organizing schedules. gigs. Being prepared. Prepare Yourself for your dream. Figure out what your dream is and start preparing for it because it’s going to happen. The more you prepare for it; the easier it’s going to get to you. Or it’s not going to be easy at all. Really, it’s still not going to be easy, but at least you’ll be somewhat prepared. Love your family as best you can; they’re your first audience. Take their opinions under considerations all the time but then do what you really feel you want to do. Don’t just go with the crowd. Don’t go with what everyone else is digging on. You can dig on it too, but don’t use that as YOUR platform. Everybody has their own unique sound. Everyone has their own two cents. Stick to your two cents. Stick to your sound. Listen to everybody and soak as much as you can. Listen; that way you can develop your style. The more you listen, the better words you can speak without speaking so much.

QE: That is absolutely relevant to me. That was great.

Interview with Orig the DJ Part Two: Get Got

"get got" "ray riddle" "gary hundley" "skyler glover"

Get Got

This is part two of my interview with Orig the DJ. If you missed part one where Orig discusses the origins of Mashville, you can click that link to read it. In this section, he discusses Get Got.

QE: Tell me about Get Got

Orig the DJ: Get Got is my band. That’s Skyler Glover, Gary Hundley and myself. We’re a three piece. We’re like a trip hop funk rock turntablism electronic just melting together. And That’s what WE are. Skyler plays the drums. He’s got an acoustic kit as well as a pad kit. So, he can get the 808 sounds and other samples he can trigger. And Gary is just playing bass guitar with no effects. He works really hard to fill in sound where there’s no guitar or piano or any other high to mid range sound. I’m more of the soloist with the scratching the vocal samples and scratching other instruments. Also I play synthesizer but I don’t use a keyboard. I use a midi controller. The MPD 24 which is basically like an MPC drum machine but without the sounds. It just controls my computer. My computer has all the sounds. I use Ableton Live to launch all my sounds with the pads. I use Traktor to scratch my sounds.
"get got" "ray riddle" "orig the dj" "skyler glover"

Get Got / Photo credit: raywen.org

Orig: So anyway! This is how Get Got happened. skyler and Gary and I were working at Whole Foods Market. At the time, Whole Foods had a month where if you were an employee and you were a musician or had a band, WF gave them an opportunity to play their music live in the lobby area. We wanted to play together but we weren’t a band or anything. so we figured we’d just come up with 4 or 5 songs. That way we could play. So, we took a couple of weeks. We came up with 4 or 5 songs. We didn’t even have a name. We weren’t Get Got at the time. We just called ourselves the Three Amigos. We were just three friends you know. anyway so we performed that day. And people really liked us. We got such a great response from the whole store. The store wasn’t really crowded around us but the sound system allowed our music to be pumped through the speakers through the whole store. A lot of the employees really liked us. Some of the people who stuck around and watched us. They asked what’s our name and do we have a CD. We had to say “No, we’re not even really a band.” So we went home with that. We just said to each other “We work really well together. We should just keep jamming.” I think the thing that solidified us as a band, I think it was Spoken Nerd…

QE: Yeah, Nerd booked you guys before I ever did.

Orig: Right, so he had a monthly night at Cafe Coco called the Holla. He wanted to book us. So we had to get back together and practice our songs. That’s when we came up with the name Get Got. That name actually came from when we were taking a little break from our practice. We were still tossing around ideas for a band name. I had the idea: let’s call ourselves The Entertainment System or The Sound System. Skyler didn’t like it, he thought the word entertainment was too long to be in a name. Entertainment is a long word…


"get got" "gary hundley"

Gary Hundley / Photo Credit: Ramiah Branch

Orig: Yeah whatever. Yeah it’s long. So anyway, we were just chillin outside. And I had to refill my dog’s water bowl with my hose. Skyler was standing right next to the hose. The hose had some holes in it. So if I turned the water on; it was just squirt from all the holes and so on. So I told Skyler “Hey watch out before you get got!” And Gary said, “Hey, that’s a cool name for a band. Let’s call ourselves Get Got!” And yeah that’s exactly how it happened.
So we played that first show. Things just started happening from there. You heard us, you booked us for the next show. To this day, it’s still a side project for us. That’s been what, 3 years now?

QE: Yeah that was a long time ago.

Orig: Yeah we had no true intentions of being a band. It was by the demand of our friends and our peers that we continued the band. We did release an album. I’d love to talk about that.

QE: Go for it.

"get got" "skyler glover"

Skyler Glover / Photo Credit: Ramiah Branch

Orig: So Skyler and Gary are in another band called Cheer Up Charlie Daniels. With Neil O’Neil. That’s not his real name. but that’s what he goes by. Good friend of mine. Once again, another person that worked at Whole Foods. Anyway, he worked a part time job at Welcome to 1979 studios. He called Skyler one night because the studio was hosting the NAMM show. They had a microphone company at the studio one night. They were showcasing their microphones. But they needed a drummer, so Neil called Skyler to come set up his drums and be mic’d up. So Neil said “hey if you do me this favor I’ll help you out.” So Skyler did that, and in return they gave us some studio time. So we took that opportunity. We had about 7 or 8 songs at that time. We came in for a studio session.

"get got" "ray riddle" "orig the dj"

Orig The DJ / Photo Credit: Ramiah Branch

Orig: The cool thing about 1979 studio is that everything is analog. Tape Machines…the only thing that was digital was my turntable setup. My laptop and the DVS. They were going to give us 10 hours. which would have probably cost $2500 or more. So it was a huge blessing for us. We really only used 5 hours. We basically just set everything up. and we performed like we were performing on stage. Bert Stone was the Engineer. it felt so good for me to be an artist in the situation. For a long time, I’d always been the guy recording and on the mixing board. This time, I was the guy on the couch. So I would have an idea and he would get his guys on it. We literally just re-did one song. We only punched in one part. They gave me the multitracks. They recorded everything to tape. But then we had them find a way to give me a DVD of the multitracks and I put that into Ableton and I mixed and mastered the album. It sounded so minimal. So we took time to add in sounds. All the while, I still had all these other projects I was working on. So it took us a while to finish this album. We released it in December of 2010. It’s only 7 tracks. We had an album release party. You were there.

QE: Yeah man.

Orig: You, Spoken Nerd, 247. It was great. Lot of love that night. With having an album release party, and having all these visions of where we want to go. We’d been realizing more and more that this is more than a project. But Cheer Up Charlie Daniels, they got real busy. They’re heavily involved with the scene. Neil is a super busy guy. He’s probably out there as we speak. He caused his band to get really busy. We had to put Get Got to the side for that. And I got really busy with Big Smo. So we had to push Get Got to the side again with that. So we decided to let’s not worry about it. It’s not like we pushed really hard. It’s not like something that’s going to fall apart. Despite pushing it to the side, Get Got is still performing. Still getting calls… We have a show coming up pretty soon.

QE: August 30th with me!

(QE note: tickets)

"Get Got" "Gary hundley" "Skyler Glover" "Ray Riddle" "Orig The DJ"

Get Got / Photo Credit: Ramiah Branch

Orig: Yeah It’s still happening. It’s been effortlessly happening. I’m really excited about it. It’s awesome. It’s rare that bands can just happen from nothing and continue going with hardly any effort. We want to get another album going but we have a lot of work to do…

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Spoken Nerd and Bobby Exodus Release New Videos

Two of my blogworthy friends have recently released new videos! I wanted to make sure I mentioned them. My very first show in Nashville was with Spoken Nerd and Bobby Exodus. I was brought in to DJ for Nerd. Bobby was heavily involved with Nerd’s set and also did a solo set during those days. I’m glad that they both have a great video to showcase what they’re doing.

Here’s the video for “Just Another Werewolf In The Night” by Spoken Nerd featuring Manchild & Gary Hundley

And here’s the video for “My Magic Goody” by Bobby Exodus

These are great! Both were done by 247 who is one-third of The Billy Goats and also has great solo music as well!