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Ducko McFli Defines Hustle and the Artist Lifestyle

It seems like I always see Ducko McFli’s name when I’m taking a look at who’s doing something in the Nashville Hip Hop scene. I felt like I could learn a lot from him to help me get my work done and to hustle. Then I realized that we could all learn something. So I asked him a few questions. I’m so glad he had some time to spare. Here’s the result. 

QE: I first heard of you because of your project with Chancellor Warhol called N.O.B.O.T.S ? How has collaboration helped your career as an artist?

Ducko McFli: Collaborations have played a huge part in my career. From the project that kinda put me out in the open with Chance & The Nobots, to My project with Openmic, to doing production/songs with artist ranging from Dee Goodz, Young Buck, Ofishal, Rio, and more.. More than just a tool for promotion all the stuff I have learned from watching how these artist work has def played a greater role in the way I have been trying to structure my own project.

QE: You were heavily involved with dropping 4 albums last year. How were you able to get that much work done? 

DM:  I am a hermit, its really that simple. I never leave the house unless its something i really want to see or some where where i want to show support. Other than that i spend 90% of my time on my computer, mixing,writing, producing, sending emails, networking, editing video/pictures. I always tell everybody I speak to that I might not be the best but I def will be known as one of the hardest working. That and this is what I love to do. Its easy to just buckle down and get projects done when you have as much fun as I do making them.

QE: What tools are the most useful for you to stay organized?

DM: Man I live and die by my 17” Macbook Pro and Ableton Live. That’s really all I use. I have recently got a couple upgrades that im excited about but ultimately I always end up back on the OG set up.

QE: You often tell everyone that they can find you duckomcfli at everything. How important is it for you to be everywhere and why? 

DM: Its not so much about being everywhere for me but being where i need to be when somebody interested in my product wants to find it. I know that there is a strong cast of artist/producers coming up in the ville right now and I have always had a great appreciation for anybody who rocks with me. I know that there is plenty other things you could be doing with your time so if you take the time to check me out I want to make it as easy as possible for you.

QE: Tell me about your latest release?

DM:  KINGDUCK was my latest release, my 1st official release as a rapper. I love the project it was a great start for me as far as letting people know I rap and what I actually stand for as person. Its an E.P. I tried to keep it short and sweet its only 10 songs. Produced entirely by the homie Chris King (

What a lot of people don’t know is that the entire project was wrote/recorded in 1 day. It really was crazy how it kinda happened. I sat down to write and didn’t get up till I had wrote all the songs, They all sounded good so I ran with it. Recorded it up at the big homie Matic Lee‘s spot in 2 hours and then he mixed it and we put it out. Its different, I don’t feel like there is anybody else really making music like I do, its got a different feel. I don’t do swag rap, I don’t do cool kid stuff.. The motto here is The Return of The Real and thats what I try and bring out.

QE: What are you currently working on?

DM: I am currently working on the next E.P. “The Return Of The Real” I have gotten together some new material that I am currently finishing up for the new project. We are really excited about it. I was reached out to by a couple producers after I dropped the KINGDUCK project and I have been blessed to have some crazy records and features from some super talented people. I am currently in the progress of shooting videos and about to start recording the last batch of songs for it and we are hoping for a May Release right in time for summer..

QE: Tell me about any other project you’re a part of.

DM: The other projects I am really on right now is the rest of the P.U.S.H. crew I have put together a strong cast of rappers and we are about to start putting out music really soon that is gonna get a good response we hope. Sofa Brown is in the final stages of finishing his tape “The Wonders” which is crazy, he is sending me songs as he gets them wrapped up and everyone is better than the last. We are about to start shooting his promo material here in the next week or so. There are also new projects being put together by Evan Blocker, and Karl Marx as well.

QE: If another artist wanted to collaborate with you, what would they need to do first? what do you look for when you want to work with someone? 

DM: I really just wanna know that you are working. I love good music, as long as you make good music and your business is on the up and up then lets work. I am not any better than anybody. I work a regular job and pay my bills just like anybody else. I hate when people tell me that they waited to hit me up or didn’t want to at first cause they thought I wouldn’t mess with them.. I make my self so openly available because i want to work. If you got an idea, HIT ME UP. Lets make some dope shit.

QE: How do you define “hustle” or “grind”? Meaning what are some tangible things that you actually do every day to make sure you’re successful? 

DM:  Hustle to me is just doing everything you can to get what you want. I don’t know if what im doing is the right thing, the good thing, whatever but its all I know and all I can do. I just make sure i know going into anything that i have put my best foot forward and whatever happens from that happens. All you can do is do you and keep putting out product, If its good and you are dedicated it will work. You just cant expect it over night and stay patient and humble.

QE: 2011 was a great year for Nashville hip hop. What would you like to see happen locally in 2012?

DM: Truthfully, Nashville is moving better than I have ever seen it. There used to be a problem with clicks not supporting other clicks and causing this unnecessary blockage of nashville talent but thats not happening any more. People are reaching out and linking up and making stuff happen. I love where we are right now.

QE: What artists do you see “doing it right” in Nashville and what are they doing? 

DM: There is so many artist right now im really messing with, Openmic, Petty, P.A. Lit, Stan, Kaby, Ofishal, Chancellor Warhol, and it goes on. People have their plans together and are making things happen for the city and I really have a crazy amount of respect for the people that are making noise in a city where the Hip Hop community has been silenced for so long.

Thanks so much to Ducko for a great interview! Please check out everything he’s up to on all of his various channels below.

Pics by ShotByShante Photography, Ramiah Branch Photography, & Kelly Hite Photo.

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