Idea Battle: Branding vs Booking

Idea Battle: Branding Vs Booking

Which do you need to improve more?




Nobody knows you. Nobody remembers you. Your look is just like everyone else & it seems like everyone can play music.

What separates you from the rest?
Do you want to continue to play small gigs?

Make your name stand out, like I have, over musicians who might even be more talented. I’ll share the wisdom of many unique musicians.


When was the last time you asked someone “How do you keep getting gigs?”
People ask me all the time, and bring up the fact that I play so many shows.

Do you have a booking agent?

Playing shows has been the number one thing that has helped me grow as an artist and musician.

I will explain how I continually book shows and gigs without a booking agent. Once you learn my steps and background work, booking shows will be the easiest thing you do. People might start hitting you up for shows on their own!



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