Quiet Entertainer Press Quotes

“Turntablist Quiet Entertainer injects his ambient-inspired beats with an anything-goes sampling spirit...”

Dave Paulson - The Tennessean / Tune In Music City

“...a guy skilled on the steel wheels can still turn out interesting sounds, and, when paired with someone nice on the mic, hip-hop that challenges rap music conventions.”

Mark Mays - The Tennessean

“The most visually and audibly stimulating, pleasing show that I have been to in quite a while.”

Kathryn Carew - Kathryn's Myspace

“Quiet Entertainer does not waste one track on this album. This album will get you hype, and then usher you into a completely different atmosphere with his lushly layered electronica tracks.”

James Fate - Facebook

“Quiet Entertainer is one of the few that I know that delivers the same amount of energy on their recordings that one would hear at a live show.”

Ray & Wendy - raywen.org

“He doesn't have a lot say, but his instrumentals have an ambience and beauty that is simultaneously ethereal and corporeal.”

Nashville Scene

“We're totally diggin' QE's new Machismo CD.”

The Spin - NashvilleCream.com

“He's the most innovative DJ in the Nashville underground scene for sure.”

The Running - NashvilleCream.com

“Quiet Entertainer is so unique and, well, entertaining. he's great at crowd participation.”

Bethrodisiac - NashvilleCream.com

“Blend in some electronic ambience, super-sonic beats, hip-hop and a sensational live show all add up to one man, Quiet Entertainer.”

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