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Label 2.0 is Helping Musicians Build Their Music Business and You Can Be a Member!

With the music industry changing every day, many bands and acts looking to make a splash do not know where to turn. Record labels aren’t signing bands like they used to, fans are downloading music for free, and the thought of making money playing the songs you love doesn’t seem to exist.

The truth is, you CAN make it in the music industry if you understand the aspects of building a brand and marketing your products. As a member of Label 2.0, you’ll learn from some of the industries brightest minds exactly just how to build a solid fan base that will come to your shows, buy your merch, and spread the word about your music!


“I love Label 2.0! It’s my one-stop-shop for great ideas about how to promote Devi.

These guys get online marketing at the deep-geek level yet translate their knowledge into clear, practical lessons the most computer-challenged rocker can use.”

“I’ve checked out loads of sites that offer “advice” for independent bands. None are as intelligent, insightful and in-depth as Label 2.0. I don’t waste my time going anywhere else!”

-Debra, guitarist and vocalist for rock power trio Devi


To: Aspiring DIY Musicians,

This is Greg from Label 2.0 and I want to invite you into what I think is the only premier training center for musicians who want to have a music business. The musicians who want to have fans not only sing along to their heartfelt lyrics, but also pay them for their work of art.

I want to invite you into a training series that not only exposes some of the biggest secrets and tactics in online marketing, but also walks you through step-by-step how you can do these things to attract new fans, build a large, responsive mailing list and create a future that doesn’t involve waiting tables, but using your voice, your guitar skills and your creativity to keep a roof over your head and food on the table.

Who is going to teach you all this stuff?


Greg Rollett – I run a site called Gen-Y Rock Stars and a company called Rollett Marketing. I was an indie musician for 10 years, touring the country and playing on bills with Daughtry, Buckcherry, Bubba Sparxxx, Sevendust, Jesse McCartney, O-Town, Nina Sky and countless others.

I have been featured on FOX News, Mashable, Workshifting, Ypulse, Mobile Youth and countless media outlets talking about social media, Gen-Y, music marketing and using the Internet to help businesses excel. I also consulted companies like Coca-Cola, Miller Lite, Disney and Warner Bros with ways to attract young people, use music and generate more business and sales.


Eric Hebert – Eric is an Internet Marketing Superstar and author of, you guessed it,, a music industry resource site that helps indie bands learn about tools and put these applications into motion.

Eric has spent years working for some of the biggest names in SEO and Social Media, has built a large number of websites for businesses and brands, developed content for a number of clients in different industries, and launched social media campaigns that has driven tens of thousands of web visitors. His knowledge of marketing and branding online covers just about every facet, from hosting and design to content development and marketing. And he’s using all this stuff to help artists and musicians promote themselves as well.

okWith Label 2.0, we hold your hand and help you create effective marketing strategies to gain more fans, sell more stuff and make a living doing this stuff that you love.


Are you are looking to effectively create a buzz around your music, sell more of your stuff and find creative ways to drive you and your band’s income so you can quit working at Wendy’s or Pacific Sunwear and start working in a studio and living in a van?

Then You Need to Join the Interactive Marketing School and Community Built For Musicians

Label 2.0 is NOT a magic button designed to get you signed to a major label! It’s a complete system designed around what YOU truly and honestly need to go from where YOU are to where YOU want to be in the indie music business.

The first piece of the Label 2.0 System is the training. There is already a ton of music marketing tutorials loaded up from experts that actually do the things they teach you. You’ll be able to instantly and easily access your training at any time through the Label 2.0 Dashboard.

You’ll find step-by-step training on nearly every aspect of Music Marketing and Online Business under the sun from 2 of the leaders in online music marketing (go ahead and Google “music marketing” and see who comes up).

Now, it’s great to have a ton of training, but why is it so important to you?

Because nearly every email from indie bands that flies into my inbox (and Eric’s too) has one of these questions or problems:

You are still using Myspace as a homebase

You are confused about all the new shiny tools and toys on the web

You don’t know where to start.

You are unsure what is the most important thing to focus on.

You don’t have enough time to focus on marketing because they are playing shows, writing and recording music and working days to pay the bills while they dream of becoming a full time musicians.

You don’t have a budget for marketing because you spent it all in the studio and need major help!

Does this sound like you and your band?

Label 2.0 Member Andrew Hand had this to say about our service:

Social Networks – Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, The Sixty One

Video – YouTube, Vimeo, Animoto, Music Videos, Tour Footage, In the studio footage

Blogs – Writing about your experiences, getting the attention of other bloggers and being found in search

Radio – From Pandora and iMeem to Clear Channel and College Stations

Streaming Music and Torrents – How Grooveshark and Pirate Bay can help find you new fans

Live Shows – Knowing what bands, venues and markets to target, booking the shows and promoting the shows

Email Marketing – This is so vital we made it the first module in the entire course

If you add all this together and try to tackle it all, you end up with half-ass results, a headache and fans who can’t follow your hopscotch from one site to the next.

Label 2.0 offers interactive step-by-step training to lock in and hone on the most important aspects of your music career and music business. This means you will have an efficient process to marketing your music to your fans and still have time to write, record and play live. The goal is to intersect all these points together to create a rollover effect that will have your fans screaming at shows and Tweeting on their way home.

Label 2.0 is a month to month training program in which Eric and I will be guiding you through all the points on the marketing map. With interactive screen cast videos you will look at how we set up campaigns, accounts and utilize resources to work with our bands and brands. White board training delivers concepts and shows processes of moving fans through buying and sales cycles. Live calls and sessions give you opportunities to ask specific questions and get feedback on your efforts.

Your Label 2.0 Membership Includes

2 Interactive Business/Marketing Training Modules

loading2We’ll be teaching you the lessons you need in all facets of building a business online – from developing and managing your website, creating viral content, converting fans into customers, booking more gigs, and more. The training you’ll receive from these modules is worth ten times the monthly fee alone – the tried and true techniques you’ll learn rival that of other online marketing educational products traditional businesses pay top dollar for. These are tailor made for musicians and the case studies behind the modules are proven time and time again by our top students.

8 News & Marketing Updates Per Month (2 times a week)

info2One of the reasons Eric & I are here in the first place is because we keep our ear to the ground on not only the music biz, but on the online marketing and social media world as well. Twice a week, we’ll keep you updated on all the industry buzz and how it will effect your own music and business, as well as up-to-the minute marketing tips and talk to keep you on the cutting edge of the digital music revolution. These easy to digest private blog posts will fill you in on new sites, changes in techniques and alerts to services that affect your bottom line.

Members Forum

comment1So you’ve learned the tutorials and are implementing some of our techniques, but are having some problems here and there. Where do you turn? Label 2.0 members will have access to our private members forum, where YOU can interact with each other, share tips and tricks, screenshots, collaborate, and more importantly, ask us for help. Whether you have a technical question or want us to review your site, Eric and I will be here in the forums to assist our members in their business development. And it’s not only us in the forums! Our friends from some top music industry services and industry professionals will also be lending a hand in the forums. This is the true power of yur membership.

Interactive Training Calls and Presentations

profile1Twice a month, we will host a phone chat where we will discuss topics with our members who participate in a unique, interactive teleconference or presentation. Here our members will get to see how we put together creative viral marketing concepts and ideas live as they unfold, assisting our users and building relationships with them at the same time. The lineup of guests is outstanding with representatives from Sony/BMG, ReverbNation, FanBridge, SoundOps, Grooveshark and so much more. The lines are open for you to utilize!

Members Only Perks

addEveryday we make new connections in this industry, and many of the products or services we encounter are privy to beta testing or special offers. You can be sure that as Label 2.0 grows, so will the tools, resources, and free or discounted swag we’ll send your way. Our current members have received discounts on advertising with Grooveshark, access to chart live sales to Billboard and much more. You don’t want to miss what we are about to drop next!

With your new modules every month we have some incredible things planned and will also be creating content based on your feedback. Right now on the schedule, we have the following modules in production:

okWordPress 101 – How to setup a WordPress blog, from hosting, to choosing plugins, to customizing themes to writing posts and adding pages, this module will have you using he world’s most popular content management system in no time.

okSocial Media 101 – Where do you start tackling things like blogging, Twitter, RSS Feeds and listening to your fans and competition. This module gets you up and running like a Social Media pro in no time!

okReverbNation – We love all their tools so much we are dedicating an entire module to them! From their music players to press kits, video widgets to how to search for industry professionals and using their advanced tools and tactics, this module could be your saving grace to use one platform to manage all your music business.

okMusic Advertising – Not all promotion is free. In fact, some paid opportunities can get your music in front of a very select group of fans that love bands you sound similar to and give you huge data to improve your overall campaigns. This can include PPC, Content Network Advertising, Paid Blogging and Pay-Per-Play. This module breaks them all down.

okLaunching a Digital Product like an Internet Marketer – Learn how to create a product launch that generates huge buzz and attention and grabs your investment back (and then some) in the first 24 hours! From planning to giveaways to finding people to sell your music for you, this module is going to shake up how indie musicians launch products. This is an advanced module designed to control your market and create an impact that will ring in your bank account.

okAnalytics – We think this is one of the most underused aspects of being an indie musician. In this module we are going to look at traffic patterns, how to analyze your traffic, your fans and then use that data to plan tours, live shows, distribution and more.

okTwitter – It’s all the rage, but how can you really take advantage of this popular social media site? We look at how musicians are using listening tools to make fans and build a buzz, along with applications that make managing the service 100 times more useful!

okDigital Distribution – With so many options to get your music on iTunes, Amazon, etc we want you to be sure that you are getting the best deal on distribution. We show you how to submit, who to submit to and how to sync your release so you get an actual release date like the big boys.

And so much more… This doesn’t even scratch the surface on what you are going to learn and when you add in the bonuses, the forums, the one-on-one attention to your projects, the live calls and the network that is here to help you, you will fully understand the power of Label 2.0.

I’m going to cut to the chase. We have been talking and working with indie musicians about a training like this and we know a few things:

Money is tight

You have shown a commitment to making a living in this business

You know an opportunity when you see it

This uncertain music industry economy will turn out the next generation of rock stars and business models.

We wanted to price this course so that every band that was serious about their music business and wanted in could get in. I think we did that.

Label 2.0 is only $49.95 / mo.

If you play out live 4 times a month – take $12.25 from each show and put it aside. That $12.25 will be the best investment into your career that you have ever made when you apply the strategies within the modules, get active in the community and start to take your career from $100 guarantees to $500 and $1,000+ guarantees with raving fans waiting for hours to catch your set.

I bet if you look deep down at your band’s budget and your collective spending habits I can bet that you spend more than $12/wk on things that take away from your career. This is opportunity knocking and won’t be available forever.

“Eric Hebert’s skill and knowledge with the online marketing of independent music has helped me realize that there is a lot more to the music business than playing shows and selling CDs.”

“Through his guidance I am learning the steps I need to take in order to connect with my fan base in a way that will keep them coming back for more while at the same time growing that base to it’s full potential. Eric’s strategies are a perfect fit for my independent band and I recommend him highly!”

– Ed Sadler, Fear

“The internet has changed the game for marketing in all industries. Some people don’t ask what happened, they just find a way to use it to their advantage.”

“Getting any message (including Music) out requires you to know what works. Label 2.0 shows you what WILL WORK for talented musicians to get their message out.”

“A Myspace page alone isn’t going to distribute your music. Find out the right way with their in depth actionable guides for musicians”

– Todd Malicoat, Web 2.0 Marketing Ninja

-Will Duke from Music Mastering Service SoundOps

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