Photographers You Should Book Immediately

It’s not uncommon for me to do a gig and see lots of photographers roaming around and taking pictures. They’re always in the zone; snapping shots of anything and everything while trying to capture that unforgettable moment. I’m grateful to a lot of photographers for immortalizing Quiet Entertainer shows. Here are a few of them.… Continue reading Photographers You Should Book Immediately

My first show at The Rutledge

I finally got to do a show at The Rutledge! It was a lot of fun. Robert, Frank, & Andy were very nice to me and all of my friends who came out. Thanks to them; and thanks to Tyrone Carreker, Rebecca Moreland, and Xilehom for allowing me to be on the show with them.… Continue reading My first show at The Rutledge

Previously…at Mercy Lounge

I had a pretty good show last week at the Mercy Lounge. It was the first show I’d done in a while in Nashville where I had also booked the other acts. Thanks to Billy Gemmill of Naked Without Us for giving me that opportunity; and thanks to Mercy Lounge for having us. The pic… Continue reading Previously…at Mercy Lounge