Blue Sky Black Death Releases Noir Soon

I can’t take it any longer. I HAVE to tell you about these guys. My current musical crush Blue Sky Black Death are about to release their new record, NOIR. It will be available in April of this year. They’ve been dropping snippets of the new stuff in short videos. Here’s the latest one.

How strong is my love for their music? Let me give you the backstory. I was listening to my Pandora station. I bookmarked a bunch of artists and songs with which I was going to make a mixtape (I still haven’t done that. Doh!). One of them was a song by BSBD. I was blown away. Here’s what their indie label Fake Four Inc says about them.

The Seattle based production duo Blue Sky Black Death is back to what they do best: cinematic, epic, shoegaze influenced instrumental hip hop. Although Kingston and Young God have always strayed from the expected by doing everything from indie synth pop to hardcore boom bap (with the likes of Guru, Jean Grae, Hieroglyphics, Jedi Mind Tricks, etc) they have always maintained an unrivaled level of quality and consistency with all of their work. Their 2008 instrumental record Late Night Cinema is commonly thought of as their master work to date with critics such as XLR8R Magazine saying “Late Night Cinema may be categorized as “Hip Hop”, but it’s better suited for the opera hall than your trunk.”

I did a LOT of digging. Their web presence isn’t awesome, but they did have a myspace at the time I was looking. At one point, they kind of discreetly encouraged fans to find their downloads (they stopped doing this). So after a year or so, I THINK I have their entire known discography. I even found their Coup de grâce mix with tracks from both NOIR and their recent release Third Party. (Props to Lets Get Digital for the heads up).

Bonus: Follow Blue Sky Black Death on Twitter (@BSBDmusic) and maybe they’ll clue you in to more gems like this BSBD vs. Pretty Lights mix they sent out a while back.

Anyway, NOIR is coming soon. They’ve been releasing videos to preview and promote it. I posted the latest one at the top. Here are the rest. Don’t sleep!

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By Quiet Entertainer

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