Dark Lords of the Cupcake Forest remix

Spoken Nerd Apocalypse Awareness Day

My friend Spoken Nerd recently released his new record, Apocalypse Awareness Day. On that record, he has a sick track with Listener of Deepspace 5 called “The Dark Lords of the Cupcake Forest.” I guess it’s kind of a battle track for emcees in a mythological, video-game themed wonderland. Anyway, he did a remix contest for the song. I entered but didn’t win. I think you can hear the winning remix on Spoken Nerd’s myspace. However, you can hear my version right here:

The Dark Lords of the Cupcake Forest – feat. Spoken Nerd & Listener (Quiet Entertainer remix) by Quiet Entertainer

And if you’re interested, you can hear the original song & you can download Spoken Nerd’s Apocalypse Awareness Day from his bandcamp page.

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By Quiet Entertainer

Quiet Entertainer (that's me) is a DJ/Producer that blends ambient electronica with hip-hop. I'm based in Nashville, TN.