Labor Day Weekend with Derrek Phillips Manufactory

Derrek Phillips' Manufactory - Offering

I just played one of my favorite shows ever this past weekend. It was at the 5 Spot in East Nashville along with Derrek Phillips’ Manufactory. This is one of my favorite bands in town. They let me sit in with them for a couple of songs. It was very cool! I wish I had been able to record the performance or get some kind of evidence! Hopefully next time. Check out this video of them to learn more.

Also listen to their record, Offering, on bandcamp.
<a href="">In Awe by Ropeadope</a>

As for the show and for my set, I had a lot of fun. Everything sounded great. I was glad to finally get that show under my belt after all of the reschedulings I had in Nashville in the month of August. Working with Jed has been more and more fun as we continue. Also on that night, there was some bachelorette party going on at the 5 Spot. Those kinds of things always make it more entertaining when I do a show. I sometimes wish there were a bachelorette schedule that I could book my shows around. 🙂 Looking forward to the next one!

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