QE and the Flood Weekend

That’s a video taken about 2 miles up the road from where I live. The large store there is Kroger where I actually used to work. The flood seemingly hit our area of Nashville (Belle Meade / Bellevue) the hardest before taking over the rest of Nashville including downtown, Opry Mills area, & Antioch along with neighboring Franklin. A lot of the water in my immediate neighborhood has gone down finally, but there is still a lot of damage and devastation. Needless to say, my thoughts have been kind of scatterbrained as I try to make sense of all of this. The updates I was going to give you throughout the week and weekend has been neglected. I’ll try and give you a quick run-through of some things I’ve been doing lately and also how this flood affects all things QE.

not a Nashville pic but you get the idea

On the night of the first rainfall, I actually got a chance to see Pretty Lights along with Gift of Gab as they both came to Nashville. Despite the flood, this show was packed. It worked out well because had I been home that night, I would have been trapped by the flood-waters. Instead, I just couldn’t go home. 🙂 Pretty Lights’ show isn’t groundbreaking DJ-ing or turntablism or anything. However, you can’t argue with 2,000 screaming people. Gift of Gab was awesome. Daedulus (who I didn’t know would be there) was really great and gave me a lot of ideas. However, a true highlight for me was seeing This Is Art (Check them out on bandcamp!) perform. I just opened a show with them a couple of weeks ago. They did great in front of a large crowd and their continued success inspires me to connect with even more people.

Anyway, so the next day I foolishly tried to get a bunch of my gear and stuff to safety after the flood. As it turns out, the safest place for the gear was in the home and not in my truck. So although everything is mostly dry, I do think some moisture got inside the mixer. I will be letting it dry out. It should be good before the house show I’m playing with Details Details this Saturday. This Nashville stuff is crazy. Check out this video that a friend made. I leave you with that for now.

P.S. – Kudos for using The Album Leaf!

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