Update Plus 8 Off 8th Performance Video - Quiet Entertainer

Update Plus 8 Off 8th Performance Video

Quiet Entertainer performing for 8 off 8th at The Mercy Lounge

I don’t normally do a WHOLE lot of self-promotional posts, but what a great past few weeks I’ve had! Last week I played a great show with Slow Hands. Check them out.

And then just a couple of nights ago I played 8 Off 8th here in Nashville. That was a great time and I was introduced to a lot of other great bands. Check the flyer to see the names of all the bands I saw and then watch the video of the full performance! 8 off 8th flyer with Quiet Entertainer

So, I’m feeling pretty good. Next few weeks I’ll be going out of town for a change! I’ll be back in Knoxville for The Midnight Voyage on July 20th; then in Clarksville for The Coup’s first show at their new spot on the 27th. And then finally back in Nashville for my CD release / Birthday Party! Quiet Entertainer CD Release & Birthday Party at The 5 Spot in Nashville

So much fun all around! What are you up to?

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Quiet Entertainer (that's me) is a DJ/Producer that blends ambient electronica with hip-hop. I'm based in Nashville, TN.